News - "Redo College Intro Science" editorial challenges educators to rethink introductory science courses - PULSE can help

PULSE helps life sciences departments at all institutions of higher education align with national education reform initiatives so they can develop inclusive, student-centered, evidence-based teaching and learning in order to cultivate the development of scientists who reflect the diversity of American society.

We are undergraduate life sciences educators who provide support for departments interested in inclusive, student-centered, evidence-based teaching and learning.

Use the menu below to find resources, departmental assessment tools, networking opportunities, and a community of scientists and educators dedicated to helping you transform your department.

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PULSE Ambassadors


The Ambassadors Program facilitates discussions in biology and life science departments that aids them in implementing the recommendations of Vision and Change.

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Get Your Program Recognized

PULSE Recognition


The PULSE Recognition Program provides tools & engages departments to assess their life sciences education programs in accordance with the recommendations of Vision and Change.  Participating departments are recognized for their achievements using a progression-level model similar to LEED construction-style recognition.


Find Your Community of Practice

PULSE Regional Networks

Regional communities of practice and workshops are run by each of the PULSE regional networks throughout the United States, allowing neighboring institutions to build communities of practice and work together to accomplish the goals of Vision and Change.  

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