Northwest PULSE - About

PULSE Fellows representing diverse institutional types for the Northwest region are:

Northwest PULSE

William Davis - Washington State University
Jenny McFarland - Edmonds College
Joann Otto - Western Washington University
Gary Reiness - Lewis and Clark College

Steering Committee Members

Mary Pat Wenderoth - University of Washington - Seattle
Carol Pollock - University of British Columbia
Stasinos Stavrianeas - Willamette University

Reserve Members

Alyce DeMarais - University of Puget Sound
Christine Goedhart - University of British Columbia
Erika Offerdahl - Washington State University
Pamela Pape-Lindstrom - Harford Community College


NSF EAGER 1347553, PI:  Joann Otto, WWU
NSF-RCN UBE 1346583, PI:  Bill Davis, WSU