The PULSE Recognition Program - Acknowledging Department Progress in Alignment with Vision and Change

The PULSE Recognition Program is designed to motivate departments to implement change in accordance with the recommendations of Vision and Change. Participation in the Recognition Program is a multi-step process that involves:

  1. Gathering departmental data and completing the PULSE Rubrics;
  2. A site visit by PULSE Fellows, followed by feedback on departmental strengths as well as opportunities for improvement; and
  3. Assignment of a PULSE Progression Level. Modeled after LEED Certification for green construction, the PULSE Progression Level represents a department’s achievements in successfully implementing changes to promote greater student success in life sciences education.

Through iterative participation cycles (e.g. every 5-7 years), departments will identify areas needing attention, and focus efforts to increase their Progression Level over time based on their individual departmental goals.

PULSE recognition levels


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