PULSE Vision and Change Rubrics

The PULSE Vision & Change Rubrics use these recommendations to assist departments in determining the extent they have implemented evidence-based practices and actions to promote excellence in teaching and student’s learning. 

The PULSE Vision & Change Rubrics consist of 65 criteria evaluate department-wide integration of best practices in modern teaching by considering various features of undergraduate education programs, specifically:

  • Curriculum Alignment: Core Concepts; Integration of Core Competencies
  • Assessment: Course Level; Program Level
  • Faculty Practice & Support: Student Higher-Level Learning; Learning Beyond the Classroom; Faculty Development
  • Infrastructure: Learning Spaces; Laboratory Spaces; Resources & Support
  • Climate for Change: Attitude Toward Vision & Change recommendations; Strategies for Promoting Systemic Change in Teaching Culture; Concrete Implementations Promoting Change in Teaching Culture

In addition to the full Rubrics, a shorter version of 17 criteria, known as the PULSE Snapshot Rubrics is also available.

All Rubric Data can be entered into the Rubrics Portal in an effort to create a national data set about the state of implementation of the Recommendations of Vision and Change.

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