PULSE Rubrics

PULSE recommends that departments complete the rubrics by developing consensus scores, not average scores,  in order to foster dialogue among department members.

The PULSE Rubrics assist departments in determining the extent they have implemented evidence-based practices and actions to promote excellence in teaching and students’ learning. 

The PULSE Rubrics consist of 78 criteria that evaluate department-wide integration of best practices in modern teaching by considering various features of undergraduate programs. The six rubrics areas evaluated in the rubric criteria are:

  • Curriculum Alignment: the 11 criteria of this rubric focus on the integration of the core concepts and competencies presented in the 2011 Vision and Change report
  • Assessment: the 16 criteria of this rubric involve analyzing a department’s efforts in the areas of course level and program level assessment
  • Faculty Practice & Support: the 20 criteria of this rubric focus on different aspects of student higher-level learning and learning beyond the classroom. In addition, this rubric assists departments in evaluating their faculty development opportunities
  • Infrastructure: the 10 criteria of this rubric focus on different learning spaces, such as classroom and labs, as well as the resources and supports available to the department.
  • Climate for Change: the 8 criteria of this rubric allow departments to consider their attitudes towards change aligned with the recommendations of national reports such as Vision and Change, as well as strategies implemented to promote changes in teaching culture
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: the 13 criteria of this rubric consider the degree to which departments create an antiracist environment that values PEER students and faculty (Persons Excluded because of their Ethnicity or Race) in the areas of curriculum, assessment, faculty practice, and support and climate for change.

In addition to the complete set of six PULSE Rubrics, a shorter version of 21 criteria, known as the PULSE Snapshot Rubric is also available. The Snapshot rubric consists of items taken from the full rubric set and can serve an initial starting point for departments to experience the PULSE rubrics.

The PULSE Rubrics are available at no cost, but registration is required to download them.  To register and access one of the six PULSE Rubrics, click on the rubric name.  If you would like to obtain all of the PULSE Rubrics, click on “PULSE Rubrics Combined Packet”

 PULSE Curriculum Rubric
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PULSE Assessment Rubric
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PULSE Rubrics Combined Packet

PULSE Snapshot Rubric

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